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Primary Maths

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Fractions to Percentages: guidance and exercises (Year 5)


Fractions to Percentages Image.jpg

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages: Simple conversions using a 100 square (Year 5)


Fractions Dec Perc Image.jpg

Fractions of an Amount: Differentiated problems (Year 5)

Fluency; reasoning

Fractions of an amount.jpg

Mathematical Sentence Stems:  Reasoning

(Year 3-6)

Vocabulary; thinking; reasoning

Sentence Stem  Reasoning image.jpg

Mathematical Sentence Stems: Problem-Solving

(Year 3-6)

Vocabulary; thinking; reasoning

Sentence Stem 1 image.jpg

Telling the time from an analogue clock: 5 sheets

(Year 2+)

Answer sheets written by 'George' and 1 other Mrs BC's Tutor Room tutee, 2023 

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