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Mrs BC's
Tutor Room

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the tutor room

Situated in Cofton Hackett, at the base of the picturesque Lickey Hills, Mrs BC's Tutor Room is the perfect place for weekend study!

Perfectly equipped with wifi and educational resources, the Tutor Room can accommodate tutoring from any age from 5 to 105, SATs or 11+ to GCSE.

There is an electrical, height- and position-adjustable desk that can be altered in seconds for learners who prefer to stand or sit, or for those who thrive on variety within sessions.

There is also access to a toilet with hand-washing facilities in the main house extension.  For safeguarding reasons, there will be no through access between the house and the toilet during student sessions.




As you would expect of a teacher of 20 years, there are plenty of resources at hand in the Tutor Room!


Maths resources include Numicon, Dienes, Base Ten, 3D shapes and countless miscellaneous resources from maths bead strings and hundred squares to protractors and compasses.

For English there is a huge variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction for use in sessions and for reading recommendations.  There are class-sized 'big books' for Key Stages 1 & 2 to examination board-specific texts for GCSE (don't forget to visit the Resources Box on this website to access your FREE copies!)

If GCSE Biology is what you need, then a full-sized (thankfully plastic!) articulated skeleton might be just the thing... or maybe a model of your internal organs?  There are many ways to get a concept across in biology, and with a range of resources from posters and texts to interactive quizzes and practicals (as well as some safe practicals in our lessons!) 



Choose to stay or not*

Should you stay or should you go?  Well, that's your choice!

If you decide to stay, you'll be accommodated in the Tutor Room on a comfortable sofa, complete with cushions - and with a free coffee machine and free WiFi at your disposal.  The only requirement if you stay is that you wear headphones/earbuds for anything involving sound as the tutor session must be given priority.

Should you decide you'd like to leave for the session, Longbridge Shopping Centre is located only a 3-minute drive away, where you can perhaps do your shopping at Sainsbury's or M&S Foodhall, or grab a bite to eat at Subway, do some birthday or Christmas shopping at Smyth's Toy Superstore or just have a few moments to yourself at Costa.

* Please note that the Tutor Room is only able to accommodate one parent/guardian.  Regrettably, we are unable to have siblings present while you wait due to the proximity of the tutoring environment.  


"The family"

If you're lucky you might just meet our most important family members: Mitzi, Waffle and Mango, our rescue cats!

Mitzi (Mittens), who likes solitude, is the eldest at nearly 7 years old and you might find her lounging on the neighbour's shed.  She was found by the RSPCA at only a couple of months old, suffering with a broken leg. After an operation (and a lot of pinning) it's healed up nicely.  Look closely and you might see a bit of a strange walk occasionally!

Waffle is the youngest, the smallest, the liveliest, and the one everyone falls in love with.  She had a serious eye infection before she came to us, but Team Cat Rescue funded the operation needed to remove the eye and she's been right as rain ever since.  She really doesn't let it stop her from doing anything, especially when it comes to chasing Nerf bullets!

Mango, our Ginger Tom, is a few months older than Waffle and was found by Team Cat Rescue, feral but young, in an abandoned factory in Nechells.  He doesn't like loud noises but he's just about the most lovable, cuddly munchkin once you get to know him! 


As lovely as they are, please remember that cats don't like being chased, having their tails pulled or being picked up by strangers.  Feel free to pet them if they come to you, but please don't run after them.  The cats will not normally be allowed in the Tutor Room during sessions, but they do have access at other times.  Unfortunately, this does mean that Mrs BC's Tutor Room is an unsuitable environment for people with animal dander allergies.









I offer all new clients a free 20-30 minute consultation (either by phone or online) to talk about your requirements and possible solutions.  

Call  07934 347585  now!  Leave a message if I'm unable to reply, with your name and number, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please see below for my working times.  Although I will always get back to you at the soonest opportunity, you are guaranteed to receive a reply within these times.

Working / opening Times


Monday:         16.30 - 21.00

Tuesday:         16.30 - 21.00

Wednesday:   16.30 - 18.00

Thursday:       16.30 - 21.00

Friday:            16.30 - 20.00

Saturday:        09.00 - 13.00

Sunday:             CLOSED



Monday:         10.00 - 13.00

Tuesday:         10.00 - 13.00

Wednesday:   10.00 - 13.00

Thursday:       10.00 - 13.00

Friday:            10.00 - 13.00

Saturday:        CLOSED (the first Saturday of a school closure will be normally be open                           as it is considered to be part of the preceding week)

Sunday:          CLOSED

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