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A genuine heart-felt 'thank you' to all the people I've worked with over the years, both young and old - you've given my life purpose and direction.  Teaching and tutoring have been the two most rewarding things I could ever have done and, if I've changed the direction of even one child's life for the better, than I'll consider myself a very happy person indeed.

Mrs BC  

And now over to my severest of critics!


"Abbie absolutely loved the sessions and she would definitely like to join any courses going forward- We have seen a real change in Abbie’s confidence in maths!"



Client from FirstTutors

"Lynn is an excellent tutor, we would highly recommend her. She relates to pupils very well and really cares about them and their work. Lynn spends a lot of time prepping for the lessons, and caters for your particular tuition requirements."

Rating:  5/5



"Highly recommended amazing teacher            "



"We are very pleased and proud of how [our son] has done this year and would like to thank you as you are a wonderful teacher. I have always felt I could talk to you about my concerns."



"Dear Mrs BC. Have a merry Christmas! You are the best teacher I ever had and ever will have.  You have inspired me to fulfil my dreams."


"Thank you for being so wonderful with my son who has autism. He has really bonded with you and I have seen such an improvement in his self-confidence since he has been working with you."


"Mrs BC knows her subject knowledge and is able to find ways for my daughter to get excited about learning again!"


"Just wanted to say how grateful I am for all of your support and advice through the last year and a half.  You have helped me to help my son almost as much as you've helped him with his maths and english. Thank you."


"Thank you for being there for us this year, your support, guidance and most of all your advice, you have gone above and beyond for [my son]."


"Thanks for being an amazing teacher and teaching me things I didn't know.  You are the best teacher because you make me laugh and always help.  See you soon.  Stay safe."

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