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Terms & Conditions (Online groups)


NB: These T&Cs will be deemed to have been accepted upon commencement of the online lesson dated XXXXX

Lessons and consultations

  • A parent/carer is required to be in the immediate vicinity for all sessions.  Please note: this does not mean that the adult must stay in the same room, just that they are available as a ‘chaperone’ if necessary.

  • Ensure that the tutee will not be disturbed by other siblings or pets.  

  • Online lesson extensions will not be accommodated if a lesson is delayed due to the student's late arrival. 

  • If I (Lynn Barnes-Cooper) am late to a session, you are entitled to the full lesson, whatever the timings are for that agreed block.

  • All online sessions take place via Zoom.  Please check that your hardware and software meet basic minimum requirements before booking lessons or inform Mrs BC’s Tutor Room if there are technical problems.

  • Parents of students will receive a short, emailed report after each lesson, containing a summary of the material covered and a homework task.  Completion of the homework is not compulsory and will not be marked outside of the sessions. 

  • Parents of students will be required to provide an address and telephone number in the event that emergency services need to be called to your premises by Mrs BC's Tutor Room.

  • All online sessions will be recorded for safeguarding of both tutee and tutor (aside from where any unforeseen malfunction of the recording equipment occurs) and store these recordings for a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 1 year. These recordings remain the property of Mrs BC’s Tutor Room.  These recordings will not be made available to the tutee as a part of the tuition service.

  • Mrs BC’s Tutor Room may review any Online Lessons at any time for the purposes of improving service or where a Complaint or Safeguarding Report has been made.

Materials and equipment

  • Students will be expected to have writing materials with them when they attend lessons (pen and paper or other means of recording information).

Prices and payment​

  • Clients must pay for a block of tuition sessions, in full, before lessons begin. TUTEES WILL NOT BE GIVEN ACCESS TO THE LESSONS UNLESS PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE.

  • If the client misses the start date of a new block, a tutee may still join.  Sessions will be charged at the single-session rate with fees for the half-term block being reduced according to the number of missed initial sessions.

  • No refunds will be given for missed lessons or partially-missed lessons.

  • Due to online hosting costs, no refunds will be given if the client changes their mind after payment has been made UNLESS there are a minimum of 3 other group participants (in which case, hosting costs can be absorbed and a refund can be given).

  • If I have to cancel a session for any reason you will be offered either

       (i)  a full refund commensurate to the fees you paid for that session; or

       (ii) a guaranteed place on the next block, with the fee for the block reduced by the number of missed sessions cancelled by Mrs BC's Tutor Room.

  • I accept payment in GBP via online bank transfer, or through website bookings.

  • All fees are subject to revision from time to time.  Fees will not increase once a block of lessons has been paid for.  Returning clients (eg. those returning to repeated block bookings) will be given reasonable notice of any such revision of fees.​

Termination of Services

  • Once a block of lessons has been paid for, there is no obligation to continue further blocks. 

  • You will be asked towards the end of each block if you wish to continue the service in the following half-term.

Professional guidance

  • If applicable, Students/Parents should specify their level and/or desired examination board (if required) prior to their first lesson.

  • All advice and information given is based on my professional research, knowledge and experience. I remain informed of the latest updates regarding education best practice and use the most recent information available to guide my clients.

  • Every effort is made to work with the student and their parents to achieve their desired goal. However, I am unable to guarantee that a student will meet a particular grade, pass entrance examinations or receive an offer from any particular grammar school. If, in the case of 7+ and 11+ tuition, a student is consistently underperforming or I think that entrance into 7+ or 11+ examinations is unrealistic, I will do my best to manage expectations and keep the student and their parents informed of my professional opinion. 

Privacy and data protection

  • The information stored by Mrs BC's Tutor Room is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR (2018). 

  • I only collect information that I need.

  • I keep this information secure and confidential.

  • I ensure that all information is relevant and up to date.

  • Mrs BC’s Tutor Room reviews retention periods for personal information on a regular basis. I currently hold information for a period of 6 months (180 days) after tuition ceases, deleting all files and data at the passing of the 180th day.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO REQUEST A SERVICE AT A LATER DATE, I WILL NEED TO RE-RECORD YOUR DETAILS.

  • You can see the information that I hold about you on request.

  • Any Zoom video taken according to Mrs BC’s Tutor Room Safeguarding Policy and Terms & Conditions is currently kept for between 28 days and 1 year.

  • Photographs of any work that the tutee has produced may be used on my website ( or on my Facebook page (mrsbc1/Mrs BC’s Tutor Room). Any details/images of the tutee will not be included unless previously agreed.

  • I may take a screenshot from any of the online sessions to use on my website, Mrs BC’s Tutor Room, or the associated Facebook business account.  Any faces/identifying features in the tutee's room will not be visible unless you give specific permission. Participants will not be named. unless permission is given.

  • Should YOU wish to take a screenshot to use publicly, you should also make sure that no faces or identifying features of pupils from other families - or of myself, Lynn Barnes-Cooper - are included.  It has become apparent that some people have used images of teachers in a manner that is harmful and even illegal.  I do not give permission for my face, body, any image of my person or for any recording or clip of my voice to be used on social media, or in any other digital media or printed material. This extends to, but is not limited to, using any image of mine to be taken wholly or partially and inserted into another video/meme/background.   I will seek legal advice if any of this is not adhered to, no matter how long after the initial event.  Please understand that this is to protect my own reputation as well as insisting upon the highest levels of safeguarding for the children I am tutoring.

  • I will not wilfully pass any information about you to third parties for the purposes of personal gain.


Instances when personal data may be shared

  • Third party businesses who process payments on our behalf.

  • Third party businesses who help us develop our business, inform our marketing strategy, and maintain our website with relevant services (eg. Wix, Facebook)

  • Third party businesses who provide cloud storage services (eg. Zoom, Microsoft).

  • Third party businesses who provide communication software we use to contact you in accordance with this Privacy Policy (eg. Google).

  • Another organisation if we sell or buy (or negotiate to sell or buy) any business or assets.

  • Mrs BC’s Tutor Room will disclose your information if required to by law. We may disclose your information to enforcement authorities if they ask us to, or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings, provided we can do so without breaching data protection laws.


Many thanks

Mrs BC’s Tutor Room

Lynn Barnes-Cooper (January 2024)

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