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Help Develop Your Child's Metacognition Skills (or 'helping them to self-assess!)

Do you want to help your child with confidence in learning? Then help them to develop their metacognition skills by printing this useful self-assessment sheet! Put simply, 'metacognition' is just a fancy name for the ability to evaluate your own learning, which is an essential skill for any student, young or old. There are many ways to do this, but perhaps start with something as simple as the 'Student Self Check' sheet provided by the Best Practice Network. You could try one at the end of a half-term or full-term and ask your child to reflect on anything they've learned during that time. You can keep it to main points for all learning, or limit it to English or Maths. As their self-reflection improves, aim for your child to reflect on individual units, or even individual lessons. These are perfect, too, for all you home educators!

Best Practice Network Self Assessment Sheet
Download DOCX • 462KB

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