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Sparking Young Minds: How Christmas Adverts Can Enhance Children's Creative Writing

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The holiday season is an exciting time for children, filled with anticipation, wonder, and, of course, the magic of Christmas adverts. As a parent or mentor, you can leverage the appeal of these heart-warming commercials to inspire and improve children's creative writing skills, bringing in description and emotion in a more accessible way. After all, who has NOT EVER been emotionally drawn in by a Christmas ad or two in the past? In this blog, I will explore how Christmas adverts can be such valuable resource for fostering creativity and enhancing those budding storytelling abilities in younger (and older!) writers. Plus, you'll find links to some of my favourites!

1. What better way to capture imagination?

Christmas adverts are known for their ability to transport viewers to enchanting worlds filled with magic and joy. Encourage children to use their imagination, you can:

a. Watch them together: Start by watching a selection of your favourite Christmas adverts with your child - they're readily available on YouTube. Discuss the captivating settings, characters, and the emotions they evoke.

b. Ask questions: Encourage children to ask questions about the stories they see in the commercials. What happens next? How do the characters feel? What do they think will happen at the end?

c. Have creative discussions: Engage children in creative discussions about the storylines. Encourage them to share their interpretations and ideas for alternative endings.

2. Develop storytelling skills

Christmas adverts are masterful at telling compelling stories in a brief timeframe. Use these adverts to teach children valuable storytelling techniques, such as:

a. Character development: Help children analyse how characters are introduced and how they evolve throughout the story. Encourage them to create relatable and well-rounded characters in their writing.

b. Building suspense: Discuss how the adverts create anticipation and suspense, then challenge children to incorporate similar elements into their own stories.

c. Emotional impact: Christmas adverts are known for evoking strong emotions. Encourage children to explore ways to infuse emotion into their narratives.

3. Themes and Values

Christmas adverts often revolve around themes of love, kindness, and the joy of giving. These themes can provide inspiration for children's writing while imparting important values. Encourage your child to:

a. Explore themes: Help children identify and discuss the themes in Christmas adverts. Ask them to think about how these themes can be incorporated into their stories.

b. Character values: Discuss the values demonstrated by characters in the adverts, such as generosity or compassion, and encourage children to create characters who embody these virtues.

c. Moral messages: Many Christmas adverts convey moral messages. Encourage children to think about the moral of the story and discuss how they can incorporate similar lessons into their writing.

4. Encourage Originality

While Christmas adverts provide inspiration, it's important to foster children's originality in their creative writing. Encourage them to:

a. Add a unique twist: Challenge children to take inspiration from the adverts but put their own unique spin on the story.

b. Create new characters and settings: Encourage kids to invent their own characters and settings, inspired by the magic and charm of Christmas adverts.

c. Expand creativity: Promote brainstorming and creative thinking by asking questions like, "What if the story took place in a different season or setting?"

Christmas adverts have such a special place in the hearts of children during the holiday season and by harnessing the power of these heart-warming commercials, you can help to nurture young writers' creativity, storytelling skills, and values. Together, you and your child can explore the world of storytelling, kindle imaginations, and inspire the next generation of creative writers. Give it a go...after all, 'tis the season!

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